Roland FANTOM Synthesizer

Roland FANTOM Synthesizer Review

This is the fresh out of the plastic new Roland FANTOM:

a great instrument and an inventive center point.

Quality metal form with a lot of alternatives in the back for network to your PC and your different instruments.

High-goal handles and fastens and sliders to have the option to control your sounds what’s more, an astounding new sequencer to have the option to catch your tunes.

Alongside our spic and span aftertouch empowered console — the best we’ve ever constructed.

FANTOM has a fresh out of the box new synth motor fusing demonstrating, present day PCM, simple and the sky is the limit from there.

The sound of FANTOM uses a fresh out of the box new element we call Scenes.

Scene contains everything: in Scenes we have 16 layers, every single one of those layers can be any of the synth motors incorporated with FANTOM what’s more, every single one of those likewise has its own impact in addition to various impacts for the Scene itself.

The Scene likewise joins or incorporates your succession information so your tune data is remembered for the Scene too.

There’s such a great amount of intensity in FANTOM that I can be playing one Scene, holding down the support pedal, change to another Scene the new solid will play—with no glitching.

So let me play you a Scene.

What you will hear is the numerous layers of various types of amalgamation incorporated with FANTOM, all with their own impact, in addition with several impacts over the entire part what’s more, the sound will advance into an astonishing scene of development using FANTOM’s numerous multistage LFOs.

So was a case of a Scene utilizing layers of synths and impacts however, the cool thing is it’s only one layer can be any of these various advances from FANTOM.

So one of the synth advances constructed in to FANTOM is V-Piano.

V-Piano is stunning in light of the fact that you can change various boundaries like String Resonance, Damper Resonance furthermore, Cabinet Resonance

furthermore, you can really get in and separately tune and change the character for each and every note,

which is extraordinary in light of the fact that you can plan the piano that you need.

I’m going to give you now, because of FANTOM’S modeless plan, that it is so natural to make a melody, on-the-fly.

I have a couple of layers previously set up here making a truly cool synth fix.

So now, I simply hit ‘Record’…

so here we go!

Presently that is playing back, and as should be obvious on screen, it’s really made four distinct circles for the four unique layers that I’m really playing.

So now I can make another adaptation of that design that I simply played.

Return into ‘Record’ mode…

also, I’ll play something somewhat unique.

So well that is playing back,

truly straight forward and straightforward,

I can return and check my first example that I made…

Fantastic! With the goal that example is playing, presently we should include some bass… OK, I can hear my sound I’ve chosen, make it somewhat more splendid with the channel… go into ‘Record’…

So now we have a bass, how about we include a few drums…

I’ll choose the Drum channel and now we’ll go into to ‘TR-REC Mode’.

Set out the kick, set out the catch what’s more, set out some hello there caps.

It’s as simple as that.

OK so you’ve perceived that it is so natural to put down your thoughts with FANTOM.

Here’s a scene that is arranged as of now

I have all the clasps spread out and you can see them they’re in their columns

furthermore, the segments, the segments being the various instruments and the lines being portions of the game plan.

In the event that I select one line and

play it…

It’s spinning through those Clips that we’ve made.

Presently in the event that I like, I can really try different things with various Clips.

Let me change it here with the drums.

So now it’s going to really change to an alternate example…

You can hear the progressions in the example.

So I can explore different avenues regarding various Clips and change the course of action of the tune.

Obviously, as it’s playing back I can change the blend also as well…

…or on the other hand… modify the Filter of specific sounds.

Or then again on the off chance that I truly need to, I can choose another sound and jam over the entire thing.

So you’ve perceived that it is so natural to make your own music simply utilizing FANTOM yet, on the off chance that you connect it to a PC it opens up a wide range of additional opportunities with the most profound combination accessible.

Presently I’m going to record something in Logic however controlling everything from FANTOM furthermore, the sound will be returning through USB into FANTOM.

Hit ‘Stop’ and now I can rewind and play back the sound through the USB link… into FANTOM, I can hear the playback.

Presently I can really look through the changed tracks from here also, raise various controls.

So how about we see, there’s the drummer, I can really change the volume of the kick drum and the catch drum—all from inside FANTOM.

I can really hit ”Shift’ and include more sound tracks, include more MIDI tracks.

I can even open the Loop Browser, or the Notepad or the rundown of editors.

Complete combination all from inside FANTOM’s touch screen.

So FANTOM additionally has profound incorporation with MainStage enabling you to play out your most loved VSTs on the PC however controlling them all inside FANTOM.

So let me show you, I’m going to pick various patches, I’m going to control a portion of the boundaries like Cutoff and Resonance and afterward I’m going to grouping utilizing FANTOM sequencer what’s more, some FANTOM sounds yet in addition coordinating MainStage sound.

So let me play a portion of the sounds here, I’ll go, I’ll look through the changed patches what’s more, you can see the patches evolving on the PC as I look through.

So let me return to that square ringer sound, I’ll choose Cutoff, make it a piece sifted off sound, a touch of Resonance too.

So now I’ll record a succession utilizing a few layers that I’ve just set up in FANTOM alongside the MainStage sound also.

So I’ll play the layers, the FANTOM layers first… there we go, that is circling near.

So now…

I’ll include…

also, there we have it, FANTOM, MainStage, all recorded and being played back by the FANTOM sequencer.

FANTOM additionally has a genuine simple sound system channel worked in, available by this bigger handle here, also, it sounds rich, fat and warm, and some of the time abrasive

…also, there’s a stack of various channel types you can browse, furthermore, the cool thing is that you can relegate the channel to your information sources, or your lord out, or then again just to individual synths.

It’s an extraordinary expansion to a great console.

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