How to Choose Harmonica

The harmonica is a familiar instrument from childhood. This reed wind instrument with its characteristic rumbling metallic sound is popular in blues, jazz, rock, country and folk music. Harmonica largely shaped the sound of these […]

Roland FANTOM Synthesizer Review

This is the fresh out of the plastic new Roland FANTOM: a great instrument and an inventive center point. Quality metal form with a lot of alternatives in the back for network to your PC […]

Wind Instruments

Wind instruments are musical instruments, the sound of which is formed by means of an oscillating air stream inside the body. Winds are one of the oldest types of musical instruments. It can be assumed […]

Types of Musical Instruments

Everyone loves music, it gives wonderful moments, calms, pleases, gives a sense of life. Different musical instruments have different properties and differ in their structure, material of manufacture, sound, playing technique. Attempts have been made […]